005 Ministry…Outside The Box!

Have you been tolling over how to move forward in ministry? Or ever feel like you can’t find you place for what God’s called you to do. Shellie completely understand those questions, and today talks about how she is finding her “sweet spot” once she decide to follow God outside the box. If you haveContinue Reading

004 Wimp or Warrior

Have you ever encountered a person and/or situation that made you uncomfortable and challenged your faith? What was your response?  Looking back was it the right one? Well, I’m discovering over and over that shrinking back from challenges are not what we as Christians are called to do.  In fact, today Shellie discusses what God’sContinue Reading

Working Out Some Kinks

My friends please be patient with me as I try to work out some kinks in my website. I am truly a newbie at this endeavor and am moving more slowly than I would like; however, in the near future I do expect to have the site fully function again. Thank you as I tryContinue Reading

Why Not You?

Starting a new year stirs within many of us the possibilities of a new start, a new chance to do things better than we did the year before. Sadly, though these good intentions fade fast leaving the “New Year” looking much like past ones. However, this year I believe each of us is being challengeContinue Reading

Successful Conflict Resolution Tips

The more conflict resolution tips that you have in your arsenal the better off that you are. This way if one tip doesn’t work, then you have others to try or fall back on. So our discussion today will focus on some successful conflict resolution tips. In all conflicts we tend to constantly see theContinue Reading

How to Reach a Resolution

In order to have a resolution to a conflict, there are some things that have to occur. You have to make sure that instead of arguing and fighting, both parties must sit down and communicate with each other. It is important to find something within the conflict that both parties agree on. Again communication isContinue Reading

The Meaning of Conflict

Have you ever sat down and tried to understand what the word conflict means? Have you ever wondered what really caused conflict? In our discussion today we will define what conflict means and also what causes conflict. Once we have defined these, we’ll look at some resolutions. Conflict is when people or groups of peopleContinue Reading